FORWARD Shopping Network Privacy Policy

What is Privacy Policy

"FORWARD Shopping Network" attaches great importance to the protection of users' personal information is formulated policies to safeguard users' personal information and respect for users' online privacy.

The scope and application of this policy to protect personal data users including the use of "Fu Hua shopping platform" all relevant websites of the various services provided when, including any personal information due to the Company or shared with business partners achieved. This policy aims to regulate the use of Fu Hua Member shopping platform (hereinafter referred to as the "platform", detailed definitions, see the following "2 Definitions") when the operation of the service, or to obtain treatment guidelines of the platform when customers' personal information.



(1) "FORWARD shopping site": "Fu Hua shopping website http: // www /." Belong "Fu Hua Co., a human resources consultant," all.


(2) "Personal Data": refers to the user's name, date of birth, identity card number, marriage, family, education, career, financial situation email address, date of birth, gender, position, industry, and personal interests and the other is sufficient to identify the users' data; course, include membership information of the platform.

personal data


User-related information obtained through this platform on the occasion of providing services, mainly exemplified as follows:


(A) Information provided by the user initiative

a. names (including the Roman alphabet), address, telephone number (including mobile phones, fax), e-mail, mobile phone e-mail address, company name, group name, title, position, place of work, other relevant contact information, nickname, all information of the date of birth, gender, credit card information and other customers to the platform

b. This platform served by another designated gifts, greeting cards and other items to customers, and get the customer's name (including the Roman alphabet), address, telephone number (including phone, fax), e-mail, mobile phone e-mail address, company name, group name, title, job title, workplace or other relevant contact information (hereinafter referred to as "delivery information")

(2) obtained from the use of information services

customers a. goods or services provided to the users of the platform or service provider for an appointment, subscript, buy, participate in the prize activities or apply for other transactions corresponding to the identifying information and transaction records information

b. Subscribe relevant information on this platform newsletter or magazine

c obtained gold-related shopping information.

When d. by phone, email, or other means, to the platform or service provider to ask questions, participate in polls or activity, the use of message boards, or service evaluation, information about the contents of his statement or record

(3) Information for the browser page and automatically get the

INFORMATION a. IP address of the client computer when connected to the Internet, the mobile phone side of the body to identify the

Information b. customers access to this platform operation of the website, the client browser type ‧ version, operating system, platform and other information automatically obtain the outside, customers browse the website (URL), browsing time, input or retrieve the goods, etc.

Above, because the user registration account, browse the web, participate in game activities on the site or the user to request membership, the use of e-mail or other services, the company will get to collect personally identifiable information will be recorded automatically receive addresses on the user station, browse browser on the server value, using a cookie or web beacon technology have obtained information, records and related information, such as web pages, but these data only for network traffic analysis, and network behavior survey in order to improve overall service quality sites, and users will not therefore produce a particular association or recognition. In some cases, the relevant website or partner of the Company may require the user to log personally identifiable information in order to complete the transaction and users, providing services, or accelerated processing program; At this point, the Company or its related websites Cooperation object guilty to inform the user has to understand the fact that such use or obtain personally identifiable information provided, if the user chooses not to receive any advertising or information, the Company will fully be respected.

4. use of personal data


The platform at the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use, have personal data files of customers, in accordance with the purpose and scope of the original illustrated between each of the co-use platform, exemplified as follows:

(1) customers and use this platform circumstances membership services

Membership information is logged when the service members use this service platform, to log in (login) and a variety of personal authentication page after login or automatically display the

(2) To carry out this transaction platform provided by

Customers for goods or services for an appointment, subscript, buy, participate in the activities presented awards or engage in other transactions, on the distribution of goods, services provided, payment of the price asked, reply to customers, the platform for customers to ask the relevant sale after the necessary business services and other carry out exchanges

(3) The platform advertising or marketing, etc.

Providing customers with a variety of electronic magazines and other information, information related via email, mail, telephone and other services provided and

The customers browse the content or advertising, according to the customer's gender, age, place of residence, interests, hobbies and other personal property or purchase records, browsing records and other platforms this website project, personalize operations, analytical services to customers using the new development services to improve existing services, etc., or

For polls, events, message boards, etc. ‧ information exchange opinions, diaries and other service related matters, contact with customers

(4) respond to customer inquiry

For customers respond via email, mail, telephone, etc. to the inquiry proposed by this platform

(5) accompanying the other business matters: incidental to (1) to (4) above and the use of purpose-oriented platform to provide services which are necessary to use

(6) For the individual service provider of information provided

Customer service provider of goods or services for an appointment, subscript, buy, participate in the prize activities or apply for other transactions, within the scope of this platform in the exchange of necessary, will be provided to the service provider customers personal data files by the service provider is responsible for managing the personal data files. Service providers to carry out the transaction in addition to the outside, and was based on "after the transaction to the customer to provide information to the electronic magazine," or "analyze customer buying behavior in order to improve business management" purposes, the use of the personal data files (customer specified time served others of the others, except for delivery information). This platform will be the service provider under the terms of the Statute of course protect the privacy of the guests obligation to deal with the principle of personal information, but can not guarantee that the service provider will inevitably followed. For details, please consult each other service providers.

(7) Other

Provide individual services, they may also be outside the purpose of the above provisions, the use of personal data. The gist stated in the individual pages services.

Except with the prior statement or in accordance with relevant laws and regulations (EX: Computer Processed Personal Data Protection Act), otherwise, the platform does not provide users' personal information to any third person or used for other purposes other purposes. Of course, will not sell or rent personal information to anyone. In the following cases, this platform may provide personal information to government departments, partners or specific objects:

a. need to share your information with other people or other companies, to be able to provide you with the requested product or service. For example: offer to store your personal information on this site in order to fulfill your request for products or services; Of course, if you did not have prior permission, these stores are not entitled to use the personal information we provide, for other products or services other than purposes.

b. comply with the requirements of the Act or government agencies


5. access to personal data and information security

The platform of personal data ownership, and will try to apply reasonable technical and procedural security maintenance issues (EX:. Your account membership information will be password protected using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology in some cases, to prevent personal information being theft, tampering, destruction, loss or leakage, and to guarantee the safety of data transfer.

6 Other

This platform will amend this policy. If users have any comments and suggestions for this platform privacy statement or related matters related to personal data, you can use e-mail and contact our customer service contact window, described this platform will reply as soon as possible.


August 12, 2014 Order issued


[Above information was in "Fu Hua Co., a human resources consultant," all, please respect the intellectual property rights! ]