Reduced price! Insta360 ONE X 2 全景相機

Insta360 ONE X2


New product

NTD 2010 X 12 term

Normal Price:18500
Member Price:17000

The number of monthsNumber of periods
first term / Down paymentInstallmentTotal
2 months97209720 x 1 month19440
3 months66306630 x 2 months19890
4 months50905090 x 3 months20360
5 Months41704170 x 4 months20850
6 Months35503550 x 5 Months21300
7 Months31103110 x 6 Months21770
8 Months27802780 x 7 Months22240
9 Months25202520 x 8 Months22680
10 Months23202320 x 9 Months23200
11 Months21502150 x 10 Months23650
12 Months20102010 x 11 Months24120

More details

■It is like having a professional photography team with you.
■5.7K Panorama, Steady Cam Ultra Wide Angle, InstaPano Surround View, MultiView and other shooting modes.
■FlowState anti-shock technology to maintain stable shooting.
■Invisible selfie stick function, like an aerial camera.
■IPX8 waterproof level, shooting at 10 meters underwater with bare metal (no contact with corrosive water bodies such as seawater and hot springs in bare metal state).
■A variety of creative templates such as shadow clone, time condensation, pure photography, etc. are generated with one click.
■Powerful post-production function, easily done through APP.
■Up to 80 minutes of battery life.