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⊙ Fragrance ⊙ Woody Floral FragranceTop flavour: Peach, Freesia, VermouthMiddle flavor: roses, irisesAftertaste: Musk, Amber, Creamy Vanilla, Cashmere Wood

◎Chloe Love Journey Women's Eau de ToiletteBefore taste: Blas LeeMiddle taste: bright freesiaAftertaste: oak moss

Fairy Mermaid Eau de Toilette Fragrance: Floral Fruit Oriental Before the taste: blood orange, citrus, cardamom Middle taste: jasmine, peony, litchi Aftertaste: golden wood, vanilla, honey

Wishing Wizard Eau de Toilette Fragrance: fresh floral and fruity notes Before the taste: calendula, cantaloupe, lemon Middle taste: black currant, pineapple Aftertaste: white cedar, white musk, amber

Unicorn fairy Eau de Toilette Before taste: red grapefruit, black currants, pink pepper Middle tastes: violet, orange bloom, orchid, raspberry fructose Finish: gold cypress, cedar

Fairy Unicorn Eau de Toilette Before the taste: red grapefruit, black currant, pink pepper Middle taste: violet, orange blossom, orchid, raspberry fructose Aftertaste: golden cypress, cedar

Product Name: Korean Apieu Rolling PerfumeContent: Rolling Ball Perfume x1Capacity: 10mlOrigin: South Korea

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items